Updates and Endings

Chess players on Market Street are looking for a new home after being shooed away from their usual spot by police. Supervisor Kim has gotten involved.

["Thai Joe" Sirikittikul] said that most cities have a sanctioned, permanent area for street chess. San Francisco should have one too. “They have a good set up in New York — I seen it on YouTube,” he said. He added that his group would try hard to make sure that they are not taken advantage of in the new location. “Those guys want to do their hustle all around us but they don’t respect our hustle,” he said.

XOXO has started putting up videos of the talks from the conference. Maciej Cegłowski put up a transcript of his talk on applying Thoreau as an independent creative:

Even his famous moral stand against the poll tax came after just one night in jail. Under cover of darkness, someone (probably his aunt) came by and paid the tax bill, and then paid it every year from then on. So Thoreau had all these people, mostly women, who silently enabled the life he thought he was heroically living for himself. But a gentler, more generous way to look at it is this. If you live a life by your own lights, and follow your principles, maybe once in a while someone will come and bring you a basket of donuts. And it's okay to eat the donuts! They're delicious!

Confession: I’m that one lame-o who’s never watched Breaking Bad. Damon Lindelof of Lost did, though, and used its finale to help him get closure on his own show’s.

Today’s candy: Juana Molina, “Sin Guia No.” Her new album can’t come out soon enough.