True Stories

“The Veterans That Nearly Weren’t,” by Ryan Bradley.

When Scotty was still small she read that pilots must have very good eyesight and so she began to eat carrots, one each day for the rest of her life. In high school she hung around the airfield out in Glendale. After graduating, she worked at a bank and put her money toward flight school, getting her hours up, readying to be a professional pilot all while knowing this was all but impossible. She'd already lost a college scholarship after she told the interviewing committee about her airborne ambitions.

“I Rode With Red Scout,” by Nate Schweber.

Cowan Creek is named in honor of Hawkins’ great-grandparents Emma Cowan and her husband George, who was shot three times, including once in the head, by members of the Nez Perce tribe, which included Halfmoon’s great-great grandfather Red Owl, and his pregnant great-grandmother, whose traditional name does not translate to English. In this remarkable encounter, which George miraculously survived, Emma was taken captive by the Nez Perce, but was treated with a kindness that she marveled at for the rest of her life. She told stories of the Nez Perce’s hospitality to her daughter Ethel May, who passed them down to her granddaughter, Hawkins.

Sławomir Zubrzycki built a Viola Organista – a bowed keyboard instrument using a design by Leonardo Da Vinci.