The to-play list

A few games that I haven’t played yet, but really should:

If nothing else, The Stanley Parable will be remembered for driving numerous game critics completely insane. That’s got to be worth something.

Type:Rider is a game that has you roll through the history of type.

Device 6 is a game that has you roll through a moving text.

UN EP is a music toy. I may have a soft spot for that sort of thing.

Sentris is a music game about making music, not just following along and matching beats.

I’ve been wanting to play MirrorMoon EP since I saw it at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop a couple of years ago.

It’s not a new game, but the New Games Movement is worth knowing about. Bernie De Koven ran a center in the 1970s that taught adults how to be playful.

I’d do workshops. At that time I called them play-shops. We had all kinds of people, from youth groups, to scholars, to local prison officials who were interested in correcting the animosity between the guards and the prisoners, because the guards were too oppressive. There were couples interested in personal growth. And individuals who believed that play was really important: “Maybe fun is something I need to be pursuing in life, instead of aggression.”

He also talks about shifting into computer games after the movement shut down, but that didn’t last either.

Eventually, I gave up on videogames. As more money came into it, people became closed to experimenting with different ways of playing. You couldn’t design a game iteratively. You had to have a game document. Every aspect was worked out before it got programmed. Things got a lot less playful.