Links for September 11, 2017

Software development 450 words per minute

You might think that indentation and other code formatting would be totally irrelevant to me since those are primarily visual concerns. This is not true: proper indentation helps me just as much as it does a sighted programmer. Whenever I’m reading code in braille (which, by the way, is a lot more efficient than with speech) it gives me a good visual clue of where I am, just like it does for a sighted programmer. I also get verbal announcements whenever I enter an indented or unindented block of text. This information helps me to paint a map of the code in my head.

Numbers at play: dynamic toys make the invisible visible

Students have long used physical manipulatives like these plastic blocks to represent numbers. Manipulatives can be powerful—particularly because they take advantage of our body-awareness—but physical objects are limited by often-inconvenient laws of physics and practicalities of matter.

Radio Azja: Midori Takada w Warszawie