Links For September 6, 2015

Inside The Persistent Boys Club Of Animation

But Barry did say gender discrimination emerged in the form of indifference to her ambition when she was starting out — as an assistant animator, she felt she wasn’t encouraged to pursue animation or storyboarding. Gennis, too, felt like she wasn’t encouraged as a young person in the same way men were. She attended CalArts in the mid-’70s, when there were very few women in its animation programs. One year, she and another woman were the only two students who didn’t go on a school trip to Disney’s animation studios: Instead, they were taken to observe a makeup artist. “They said [the trip] was ‘full,’” Gennis said — but it was hard for her to imagine CalArts sending two men to observe a makeup artist. “It’s always bothered me.”

Odyssey Works Makes Art for and About One Person

For more than a decade a loose-knit, multidisciplinary collective called Odyssey Works has been quietly inverting art’s longstanding arrangement with its audience. Rather than a single artist creating for a general population, it directs many artists at a deeply researched population of one. The intricate creations that converge in the group members’ weekend-long performances — sound installations, films, performance art and more — exist only for their chosen subject, whom they’ve come to know very well. Then it all vanishes. The idea is a beautiful inefficiency: a tiny but infinitely more affected audience.

Meditations on Relevance, Part 3: Who Decides What’s Relevant?

Anyone who has been through a change process knows this. You start with the community to whom you are already relevant, with their peculiar expectations and strengths and fears. And then, you decide you want the organization to be relevant to new people. People with different expectations and strengths and fears. You learn something about these new people: they prefer programming later at night, they’re inspired by this kind of program, they want content in this language. If any of these changes threatens the experience of the people already engaged, they may revolt. They may say you are dumbing it down, screwing it up, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Otamatone by NELSONTYC) – What the what