Robot hijinks

As I write this post, Twitter (which is now once again TWTR) is IPO-ing at $45 a share, above its estimates of $26. It’s morning in America! Or something!

Robots are now fast enough to beat a human at Rock Paper Scissors every time.

Technically, the robot cheats because it reacts extremely quickly to what the human hand is doing rather than making a premeditated simultaneous action as the rules state. Taking just one millisecond (ms) - a thousandth of a second - to recognise what shape the human hand is making, it then chooses a winning move and reacts at high speed.

Play-I is making Bo & Yana, robots that are programmed with a visual language that can be learned by children as young as 5.

Anki is making Drive, AI-driven toy race cars.

Giant corporations are always finding new ways to sue each other.

In mathematics, zero is concept with a long history.

In JavaScript, zero is a family of interrelated symbols that will eff you up if you’re not careful.