Pieces in play

In San Francisco, chess games on Market have been shut down by the SFPD, despite the constant presence of more policeworthy action in the area. A chess-in has been organized in protest.

Lisa Schmeiser writes on pregnancy in a posthuman age and what’s expected of the expecting.

Many parts of being pregnant remind you that you aren’t the first to bear a child; you are linked through physical sensation to every mother who came before you. The strongest twinges can knock you into the pleasantly dislocated feeling of being adrift on a river out of time. Oh, your left hip is doing that thing where every step you take causes an exquisite, narrow lance of pain from pelvis to ankle? I bet some poor pioneer woman felt that when she was walking beside the covered wagon. Still, the pioneer women didn’t have the pressure of feigning maternal feelings at the 12-week fetal scan.

Black MIDI is a musical sub-sub-sub-genre that consists of MIDI files stuffed with millions of notes.

The genre’s background in Touhou Project fandom and the titles on YouTube videos (“Second Attempt Necrofantasia 4.2 MILLION”) make them seem more like high score runs than musical arrangements — then again, there’s no reason why they can’t be both.

GWAR covers Billy Ocean.