Links for October 31, 2015

Being there, barely, at the Kaleidoscope 2015 VR Film Fest

I began to worry that I might be missing something else: why I wasn’t having a better time or feeling moved and delighted. Was there supposed to be a narrative to these films, or were they all basically technology demos showing the potential of VR without actually engaging as stories or anything more than sensory experiences?… Seeing people sitting in chairs, bobbing their heads around, completely vulnerable and oblivious the the real world around them bummed me out. So did hunting and hunting for a magical, transportive experience and only finding little flashes of inspiration.

Saying Goodbye to the Great UX Design Bonanza of 2004-2016

When Apple finally released the Apple Watch this past spring, they launched a series of commercials touting how useful the device could be in our lives. One of the commercials depicted a young tourist on a trip to Berlin. While dancing at a club, she glances at her Apple Watch to read lyrics to a song that the DJ is playing. The use case was such a stretch that if I had significant cash reserves, I would be compelled to short sell Apple stock. This was the clearest evidence yet that despite the very strong importance of and interest in great experience design, the UX industry is about to endure a thorough shakedown.

The Latitude Society — a story.

“I wanted to bring a book,” Carolee later explained over Facebook Messenger. “I wanted to bring the Book of the Latitude mockup book I had, but Admiral cautioned me against burning books.” I replied that the Book of the Latitude would’ve burned so very bright. “[Admiral] said, ‘It’s harder than you think,’” she typed back. Before I could comment on the implied emotional impact of that statement, she continued. “I didn’t want to douse the whole thing in kerosene.” Fair enough.

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