Links for October 30, 2016

Our Museum

Our Museum: Communities and Museums as Active Partners is a Paul Hamlyn Foundation programme to facilitate a process of development and organisational change within museums and galleries committed to active partnership with their communities, with the ambition of affecting the museum sector more widely.

Our Museum: Extraordinary Resources on How Museums and Galleries Become Participatory Places

The two big lessons from Our Museum that Piotr identified are not about community engagement per se, but about institutional change: Small Changes Add Up. Participation is Everyone’s Job. These two lessons are probably true of any major institutional change process (swapping the word “participation” with the focus of the change).... The evaluation additionally called out some faulty assumptions in program design about leadership and staff continuity throughout the multi-year process. Disruption can be confusing, destabilizing, and potentially derailing, no matter the focus of the transformation at hand.

Residencies | Alliance of Artists Communities – database of artist residency opportunities.

The Puzzle Museum

Diffusion Choir