Links for October 29, 2018

How to Design a City for Women

The study, which took place from 1996 to 1997, showed that after the age of nine, the number of girls in public parks dropped off dramatically, while the number of boys held steady. Researchers found that girls were less assertive than boys. If boys and girls would up in competition for park space, the boys were more likely to win out.

City planners wanted to see if they could reverse this trend by changing the parks themselves. In 1999, the city began a redesign of two parks in Vienna’s fifth district. Footpaths were added to make the parks more accessible and volleyball and badminton courts were installed to allow for a wider variety of activities. Landscaping was also used to subdivide large, open areas into semi-enclosed pockets of park space. Almost immediately, city officials noticed a change. Different groups of people – girls and boys – began to use the parks without any one group overrunning the other.

San Francisco’s beloved ‘Tamale Lady’ dead at 65

Virginia Ramos, the Mission District’s beloved “Tamale Lady,” has died. She was 65. Ramos, a resident of San Francisco, died on September 27, the San Franc

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