Links for October 25, 2018

Joe Mauer came out in his catcher’s gear one last time

Jim Thome, you are my hero

Jim Thome, one of the game’s greatest players of all time, will be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame today.

Paul Allen: A Bridge in Portland

When I go back to Portland, I see friends and family, but I also see strangers. I see gentrifiers with California-fat bank accounts and fifth-generation heroin addicts hanging on by a thread.... I see hippies and hipsters and people who don’t have time to even think about self-identifying because they have to pick up their kid and drop them off at the Boys & Girls Club on MLK, and the only things that these people have in common is that they live in the Pacific Northwest and between October and June (hopefully) or April (at least) they root for the Trail Blazers. It’s probably shallow, and it’s almost definitely a distraction, but sometimes it’s nice to care a lot about the things that ultimately don’t really matter that much. Since 1988, for better or worse, Paul Allen gave us that distraction.