Links for October 21, 2015

Beyond the grant: how funding is changing, and needs to change some more

Something important is starting to happen with public money for creative purposes. Within the broken-up remnants of an old funding system (organised around grants, top-down schemes administered by out-of-touch public bodies, and fixed ideas about what culture is) a new one seems to be emerging. Over the last year, we’ve had support from four different organisations that have all fed in to the progress we’ve made.... There was a little money at the start (through the fantastic Play Sandbox scheme) but mostly what these organisations have offered are intangible, valuable resources.

Living Innovation Zones | Showcase Creativity. Activate Public Space.

Living Innovation Zones (LIZ) are temporary installations on Market Street, the City’s cultural, civic and economic spine. The primary goal of the program is to activate public spaces by engaging and delighting the public. The program is structured to seed cross-disciplinary collaborations that result in place-based experiences. LIZs can serve as opportunities for testing new ideas, projects, and technologies. They are intended as enhancements to the public realm, encouraging people to connect with each other and their city.

Video Games: The Secret Life by Gabriel Winslow-Yost – Reviews of Gamelife: A Memoir, by Michael W. Clune; and God in the Machine: Video Games as Spiritual Pursuit, by Liel Leibovitz.

Chapter five, for instance, begins by announcing his parents’ divorce: “One day in June [my father] was standing in the sun, smiling uncertainly…and the next day he was gone.” A few pages later, the chapter turns to Elite (1984), in which the player pilots a simulated spaceship, engaging in both combat and more mundane tasks like trade and asteroid-mining. Young Clune loves the game, but finds himself completely unable to dock his ship at one of the game’s rotating space stations, an infamously difficult feat of hand-eye coordination; each time he attempts this basic, incongruously difficult task, he crashes, his ship explodes, and he, as the pilot, dies. But he keeps trying.

The Sonic Manipulator

Since coming to your planet I have had to improvise in order to express myself musically. The following inventions allow me to blend other-worldly sounds with Funky Groove and Alien Rap to bring you The Sonic Manipulator experience. (And hopefully brighten up your day.....)