Links for October 14, 2016

What’s Happening in Standing Rock?

As far as LittleSun knew, this was the first time since then that Pawnee chiefs had traveled this far into Sioux territory.... The site was called Seven Councils Camp, indicating the first time all bands of Lakota had gathered in one place in more than a century. That afternoon, the Crow Nation marched into camp in war bonnets, waving flags, singing and whooping, bearing a peace pipe and a load of buffalo meat, offering the first real reconciliation since 1876, when Crows were scouts for Custer at Little Bighorn.... At last count, representatives from more than 120 tribal nations had arrived from as far as Hawaii, Maine, California, and Mississippi.

Standing Rock: A New Moment for Native-American Rights

Over the weekend, the encampment continued to swell with new visitors. Aztec dancers came from Minneapolis, then delegations from the Round Valley Indian Tribes in California, the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico, and the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. They entered through a corridor lined with the flags of hundreds of other tribes who had offered support. These arrivals, which happened every day, signified as much a coming together of old enemies as of old friends. Weeks earlier, the Crow, who aided the U.S. Cavalry in its nineteenth-century battles against the Sioux, had come with blankets, coolers of meat, and a horse trailer full of cordwood.

Fight Over Dakota Access Pipeline Intensifies

The joint federal action has opened the door to a reassessment of longstanding policy that has limited Native Americans’ input on major projects that run through their traditional territory and require federal permits. It also has invigorated an opposition movement that came together swiftly this summer, aligning hundreds of tribal groups against the $3.8 billion oil pipeline. “It’s quite significant, perhaps historically significant” for American Indian rights, said Frank Pommersheim, a professor of Indian law at the University of South Dakota.

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