Links for October 11, 2015

The Nickelodeon logo, designed by Tom Corey & Scott Nash – The choices that went into the creation of the Nickelodeon “Splat” logo.

Logos were generally designed by print designers who wanted a perfect image, then handed off to moving image designers who had to figure out how to make the damn thing move. Often, it ended up with a big hunk of metal hurtling through space, cause what else were they going to do? We’d argued that in the 1980s that was a dumb thing to do. Why not just design a logo with movement baked into the conceptual frame right from the beginning? TV was the most important place to see the logo, and print designers could just STOP the motion and pick an image for an ad; it would be more dynamic even in the print that way.

Nickelodeon Logo Logic

AT&T Archives: Saul Bass Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign – You know the logo, but interestingly, they focus a lot on the striping as the element that pulls the identity together.

Star Wars Poetry – visual “rhyming” between the first and second Star Wars trilogies.