Links for October 5, 2015

Welcome to the Block Party

At that inflection point, the argument about how ad-blocking protects privacy by evading trackers also becomes largely irrelevant; there’s only one website I’ve found with a single third-party tracker, and one with zero trackers, according to the browser extension Ghostery: Facebook and Google, respectively. These are two of the largest marketing and advertising companies in the world, and they have to do virtually zero work in divining personal information from their users—in most cases, it’s just handed to them. Driving publishers to Facebook will not get rid of invasive trackers; it’s only declaring allegiance to the most comprehensive one.

What shape is the internet?

According to patent drawings, it’s a cloud, or a bean, or a web, or an explosion, or a highway, or maybe a weird lump.

Remember Your Old Graphing Calculator? It Still Costs a Fortune — Here’s Why

This cost can be prohibitive for students who can’t afford to shell out over a hundred dollars for a graphing calculator, and anyone who’s ever had one stolen knows they’re a hot commodity. The way Texas Instruments works with testing companies, standards boards, complicit teachers and textbook publishers is reinforcing the achievement gap between upper-middle-class students and everyone else.

Computer Classic: "The Incredible Machine" 1968 Western Electric AT&T 15min – An introduction to the idea of using a computer to produce images and sounds, instead of just manipulating numbers.