Links For October 1, 2014

7 questions for Desert Golfing creator Justin Smith

I love the concept of Justwalkingism. I love that it exists. But those games do kind of bore me. I know it’s unfashionable to admit it. Wouldn’t it be great if you had more of an immediate challenge. How about golf! Those beautiful landscapes are just begging to be turned into fancy country clubs.

Also: Desert Golfing Panoramas

Here's Why The New York Times' Television Criticism Is So Bad

Criticism and art are symbiotic that way: Compelling art engenders compelling criticism. The contemporary television landscape is so beautifully various, complicated, and divisive, capable of sparking engaged conversations about race, class, sexuality, gender, and identity at large. But to parse these pieces of art, whether in the form of The Real Housewives or Pretty Little Liars or Game of Thrones, you need someone willing to see the once denigrated as the now important and, by extension, worthy not only of proper copyediting, but sophisticated writers at the very top of their game, befitting a publication of its stature.

Controversial book blogger suspended from Twitter after threatening female author

Somewhere along the line, however, Champion evidently changed his mind about supporting Khakpour. Thursday night, Champion unleashed a string of invective and harassment against her, followed by a threat to reveal the name of the man who had allegedly taken nude photos of Khakpour. Champion is now suspended from Twitter.

Bill Simmons suspended: Listen to the Goodell-bashing comments that got the Grantland editor-in-chief suspended by ESPN.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons thinks Roger Goodell is a liar. The Worldwide Leader’s brass thinks that Simmons should keep his opinions to himself for the next three weeks. On Wednesday, ESPN announced that the Grantland editor-in-chief had been suspended due to comments he made on a recent episode of his podcast The B.S. Report.

Progress Report: Continued Product Focus – Yahoo! kills the directory that started it all. The Earth continues to turn.

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