Links for November 29, 2015

Even Ballet Dancers Are in Awe of Stephen Curry’s Moves

“We don’t want to see any pain when dancers are finishing their final variation of something,” Lustig said. “You don’t want to see them screwing up their faces and giving the impression they can hardly make it through to the end of a solo.” In a league full of behemoths who sweat and strain on every possession, the 6-foot-3 Curry has been operating on a different plane — one that has struck Lustig as deeply familiar. “Steph doesn’t really look like he’s putting in a lot effort, does he?” Lustig said. “I’m not suggesting at all that he doesn’t use effort. It’s just that he doesn’t display it, and I think that’s probably at the core of what this is about.”

Basketball and Colonialism in Mozambique

There’s a long way to go but the country seems like it’s headed in the right direction and the people are a big reason why. In Mozambique, a broken water bucket is just another name for a seashell bucket and a flat ball is just an opportunity to work on the fundamentals. As the kids run up and down the court, I start scoping out the NBA jerseys but they all seem a little off. The number six Heat jersey has no lettering on the back and the Bryant jersey has Chinese characters above the Lakers’ logo. Only the Carmelo jersey seems to be a full on replica. Figures.

The Heart Of Rip City: How the Blazers got their calling card

“I was right there at midcourt,” Schonely says, “and he literally stopped in front of our broadcasting spot, and, why, I’ll never know … but the ball was in flight. I watched it all the way, and I came out with … why, I have no idea … ‘RIP CITY, ALRIGHT!’ “We go to commercial, and I sit down at my chair to relax for a minute or two, and the guys at press row said, ‘Rip City? I said, ‘Yeah’. “They said, ‘Leave it in.’”

Rip City Rhapsody - Portland Trail Blazers