Links for November 26, 2015

When Daydreaming Replaces Real Life

By the time I was a high school senior, I was as stressed as I’d ever been, not about getting into college or orchestrating the perfect social life, but about straddling two worlds: real life and the stories I’d imagine. First thing every morning I’d visit the General Hospital in my mind. Throughout the day, I’d continue creating new plot lines and interacting with the characters during any free moment.... “This isn’t just daydreaming,” I tried to explain. “It’s like hours and hours, every minute of my life. I can’t care about anything in reality, because I am so caught up in this.”

The strange tale of a Cities: Skylines town with only one house

My city is growing, as much as it can. I notice the population has increased to five: Oscar and Nancy have had a third child. Nancy has graduated University U, and is now working at the elementary school teaching her only student, the kid she and Oscar just had.

Clueless style: a fashion analysis of the 90s classic

We’re introduced to Tai in the very latest in 1995 stoner wear, which really isn’t all that indistinguishable from a lot of grunge wear: an oversized plaid shirt over a t-shirt. It’s a look that would render her practically invisible against the high-fashion runway that is Bronson Alcott high school. Or it would have, if costume designer Mona May didn’t make the smart decision to dress everyone else in the scene in black, white and gray. In a movie exploding with plaids (reportedly more than 50 plaids were used), it’s notable that, while everyone is wearing a distinct and noticeable costume, no one is wearing plaid. In an ironic twist, it’s the one time it signals someone as an outsider in the entire film.

Oh, how hard it is to speak Spanish!