Links For November 23, 2014

24: This is Kobe Bryant. This Is the Longest Possession of His Life.

:17 – Kobe surveys his options in a flash and sees nothing. Boozer, Ronnie, Davis — nope. On the right wing is Young, mirroring his position on the court and hungry for the kickout after the drive everyone knows is coming. But not yet, thinks Kobe. Not just yet.

Fueled by Kickstarter, CodeSpells Moves from Research to Consumer Game

Foster and Esper have published several papers on the academic benefits of CodeSpells, documenting examples of students solving programming problems during gameplay and other positive behaviors.... Still they had bigger aspirations for the coding game and turned to the public to see if there might be support for their idea. And, like magic, there was.

The New Executive Meme

Mat is a new executive. He’s connected in a way that most people are not. In the life of the new executive, data is universal but borders are fuzzy, in many respects based upon semantics. These are borders that have their own meanings, each a custom construct that reflects the individual and the increasing number of connected devices that are coming online.


This project is a collection of static corpora (plural of “corpus”) that are potentially useful in the creation of weird internet stuff.... I would like this to help with rapid prototyping of projects.

Protracker module player for Web Audio – neat!

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1970-79 Volume Six

This compilation is the result of an attempt to track down early pioneer ‘bedroom producers’. In the 1970’s the professional music ‘scene’ and popular music began to be infested with synthesizers but these were largely still prohibitively expensive for the amateur musician. And yet home electronic organs were in their heyday and many models even included a built-in drum machine. Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’ was released in 1976 and many domestic keyboardists must have realised they could re-create the sound pretty easily with their Farfisa or Hammond organs.