Links for November 22, 2016

Video Games Are Boring

When I listen to Kristina describe the video games she says she wishes she could play, the video games she says she wishes existed-games that would sound extremely boring to most gamers but interesting to most of my friends-I realize that I too would love those games so much more. Listening to Kristina made me realize that I hadn’t been having good ideas. I realized that I had been working with people who think too similarly to myself, who draw on the same cultural references (geek culture), who use the same game design theory that was developed mainly by (white, male) gamers for (white, male) gamers. I realized that I was stuck. This is what happens when everyone is the same as each other. We make boring things.

Why Throwing in VR Sucks–and How to Make it Better

Here’s the problem: there’s a disconnect between what you feel in your real-life hand and what’s going on in the virtual world. When you pick up a virtual object, the center of mass of that object and the center of mass you feel in your hand have some real separation. Your muscles are getting bad info.

If you were just pushing your hands in this or that direction when you threw, this separation wouldn’t matter much. But you bend your arm and rotate your wrist when you throw. (The key to a good throw?–“It’s all in the wrist!”) As you rotate your real hand, you end up applying excessive momentum to the virtual object as if you were flinging it with a little spoon.

Wonder Woman 2017 (1975 Theme Music)

Wonder Woman Trailer 2 (Lynda Carter version) [HD]