Links for November 17, 2016

San Francisco's Presidio Gets a Hiking Map for Smells

For some time now, the artist has been traipsing around the park to divine its signature fragrances. There’s manzanita, for instance, which has “kind of a sage smell” and a “lightness or softness to it.” Then there’s the “sweet fragrance” of flowery brickellbush, the pungent punch of pine trees, and that alluring soil aroma. “The dirt here is mixed with tons of sand—this is San Francisco, it’s obviously by the water,” says Halsey Brown. “If there was a way to heighten the smell, you could probably include the smell of sea in the dirt.”

senseofplace LAB

Projects/works are intent on making visible the value that is already within in a place, to experience each place as a location of worth. Projects use social engagement strategies to produce a layered set of identification markers to recognize what imbues each location with a ‘sense of a place’. Projects are created with the perspective of those that live/work there; public authorship is an inherent aspect of the process.

SF’s landmark tower for rich and famous is sinking and tilting

The Millennium Tower, a leading symbol of San Francisco’s new high-rise and high-end living, is sinking.... Since its completion in 2008, the 58-story building has sunk 16 inches, according to an independent consultant hired to monitor the problem. It has also tilted 2 inches to the northwest.... This isn’t just an issue for the Millennium’s owners and wealthy inhabitants: It could be a headache for taxpayers as well. There are potentially big public dollars at stake, with the owners alleging that the massive hole dug next door for the new Transbay Transit Center is to blame for the building’s issues.

Welcome to McMansion Hell — The 10 Circles of McMansionHell: The McMansion…

The 7s: This is the realm of the incredibly cheap, but decently composed in design. (This is also the realm of the tacky, but reasonably sized tract-modern house.) A classic 7 is a house that attempts to imitate a traditional (usually manor-like) architectural style and botches it, but the intent is clear.