Links for November 15, 2015

World Indigenous Games draw 2,000 athletes amid protests over groups’ rights

There’s football, of course, and archery, but also spear-throwing, log-carrying and xiknahiti – a game that’s like football but played on all fours and only with the head. Almost 2,000 competitors from over 20 countries, from the Aeta people of the Philippines to the Neyihaw of Canada’s Saskatchewan province have gathered for a series of sporting contests billed as the indigenous Olympics.

The Case for Bad Coffee

Cheap coffee is one of America’s most unsung comfort foods. It’s as warming and familiar as a homemade lasagna or a 6-hour stew. It tastes of midnight diners and Tom Waits songs; ice cream and cigarettes with a dash of Swiss Miss. It makes me remember the best cup of coffee I ever had. Even though there was never just one best cup: there were hundreds.

My Memories Of The Bobby Drapers

A little known fact is that this Bobby was an entirely different Bobby. He was anointed “Bucket Head Bobby.” We didn’t really bond, because we only worked together for a few hours. He seemed chill.

Swing Dancers vs. Street Dancers @ Montreal Swing Riot 2015