Links For November 7, 2014

Laurie Spiegel: Grassroots Technologist

“The electronic model is very similar to the folk model,” she insists. “People will come up with new lyrics for the same melody, or they’ll change it from a ballad to a dance piece. Nobody can remember what the origin is. There is no single creator. … In the way that electronic sounds go around—people sample things, they do remixes or sampling, they borrow snatches of sound from each other’s pieces—the concept of a finite fixed-form piece with an identifiable creator that is property and a medium of exchange or the embodiment of economic value really disappears.

Physical Game Development at Gerlev Playpark

In my job at Gerlev Playpark I go out as a “play facilitator” and guide groups of 15-40 people through 75 minutes of physically active games, and that has made me wonder how people can regain the ability to play, and how it can be done most effectively.... My thesis is that people can regain the ability to play and it is possible to reach different levels of skill: [Participation, Facilitation, Development, Design, and Improvisation].

Sightlence | Handle Haptics

The Sightlence version of Pong is a game translation that’s playable without both graphics and audio in an effort to make computer games accessible for people with deafblindness. Using haptics as a stand-alone modality also gives a new way to experience and play computer games.

Jean Bartik and the ENIAC Women

Jean Bartik, one of the earliest pioneering women in technology, talks about her memories of breaking into the then new field of computer science and working on the ENIAC in the 1940’s.

A Modest Proposal to Improve Muni

A Modest Proposal: Rename SF Muni bus routes for Giants players: 48-Panda-24th 28-19th Ave-Buster 8-Bayshore-Hunter 12-Folsom-Panic