Links For November 2, 2014

Madison Bumgarner, The Best

I don’t know what it felt like watching Mathewson pitch, but watching Bumgarner is like feeling an expertly administered epidural nip in between a couple of vertebrae and deliver bliss: it’s a gliding, almost eventless slide through the innings, with accumulating fly-ball outs and low-count K’s marking the passing scenery.

Inside Gamergate’s (successful) attack on the media

But Gamergate… is not your grandmother’s social movement. This is a modern Internet campaign, using modern Internet tactics. And as such, it has spent the past month trying to win the Internet media over … or at least beat them down until they stop critiquing the movement. In that regard, at least, the bad guys seem to be winning.

Anita Sarkeesian on Video Games’ Great Future

The time for invisible boundaries that guard the “purity” of gaming as a niche subculture is over. The violent macho power fantasy will no longer define what gaming is all about. Those who police the borders of our hobby, the ones who try to shame and threaten women like me into silence, have already lost.

“Actually… It’s about ethics in games journalism.” – Now that it’s been fully memeified, GG is done, right?

What is a Playable City?

The Playable City is a new term, imagined as a counterpoint to ‘A Smart City’. A Playable City is a city where people, hospitality and openness are key, enabling its residents and visitors to reconfigure and rewrite its services, places and stories.

Nick is kids: On the importance of diversity in children’s television

A little creative diversity can also give a show’s storyline a boost. As Kriegman told us, “Diversity is inherently richer than just one voice.” He continued: “Why wouldn’t you want the richest environment creatively in terms of voices and characters and stories?… Why eat Wonder Bread when you can have bread from all over the world?”

How To Talk To Babies About Semiotics

Color Oracle – Color blindness simulator.

NASA on Soundcloud – neat!