Links For May 31, 2015

A City and an Art Center Design the Future: Reflections on the Market Street Prototyping Festival

The Market Street Prototyping Festival was not a typical public art exhibition. The projects were messy, unfinished–true prototypes of future possibilities. A fitness trail for urban life. A soundtrack for the street. A urinal that watered plants. Pop up libraries, performance spaces, and seating areas. A hexagonal ping pong table that invited six people (often strangers) to play together. Lots of social bridging, surprise encounters, and more than a few mystified moments.

Leave The City there

“Taking San Francisco back” sounds needlessly butch, suffused with macho aggression, possessiveness and unwarranted certitude.... I live in a city because I want to live around people not like me. There is a city filled with people like me. It’s called Berkeley, where it is legal to plot to overthrow the government but not drive around the block, and I find it intolerable.

Is Your City Making Full Use of Existing Transit Investments?

Some of Chicago’s most transit-accessible neighborhoods are barely growing, but rents are rising fast, Freemark reported, an indication that additional transit-oriented housing could be supported. Unfortunately, zoning laws limit new construction in these areas, says Freemark, so countless would-be transit riders move to the suburbs or other regions, outside the reach of transit service.

Why should Chicago focus growth near transit?

What is the Capacity of the Green Line?

The Laundromat Project

The Laundromat Project achieves its mission by bringing socially relevant and socially engaged arts programming to laundromats and other everyday community spaces in order to reach as many of our neighbors as possible. We are particularly committed to long-term and sustained investment in communities of color as well as those living on modest incomes.

the little lodge – Small gallery/studio/shop space in the Inner Sunset.

Creating the Theme - Radiophonic Workshop - Doctor Who