Links for May 24, 2016

Wrecked by the big boys 15 years ago, veterans return to NASCAR video games

But even with more 15 years gone since NASCAR Heat 2002 published, Garcia says development of NASCAR Heat Evolution still feels familiar, in a picking-up-where-they-left-off sense. About half of the original Monster Games development team from the 2002 game is still with the studio, Garcia said. “With that core group, it was like putting on a well-worn glove,” he said.

McGraw-Hill Sees Future in Gamelets Rather than Games

“We as a company have gotten out of the summative assessment business and have been focused on understanding that teachable moment with small data,” he said. “Where we are focused is how do you create experiences and content that allow the teacher to change the outcomes of the learner in real time by adapting to where they are with engaging content. The best education games out there do just that, as well.”

Gamasutra - Breaking Down Breakout: System And Level Design For Breakout-style Games