Links For May 21, 2014

In praise of boring objects

The small amount of drama that we’re able to deal with each day is just a sliver, shiny brightly on the water. The great invisible iceberg under the ocean is the realm of the useful, of the everyday, of the objects that don’t continually push themselves front of mind, and that’s where products and services must eventually aim if they are to be fully integrated into our lives.

Artist's Notebook: Ramsey Nasser

After I realized that all modern programming was done in American English, I put together a mockup to get a sense of what Arabic code might even look like, and that became the first sketch of the project.... Thinking on the traditions of Arabic cultures and computer science is fine, but it was important that I make the damned thing work, and that was a nightmare. At every single step of the way, every software tool you would use to build a language breaks horribly when encountering non-Latin text.

Nod – Gesture control in a finger ring.

Slate, you’re doing it wrong

There’s a map that Slate made recently that’s been getting a lot of shares. The map is part of a post on language diversity, and it shows the top language in each state other than English or Spanish. We dug a little deeper, and found a few problems.

China Says Goodbye in the Key of G: Kenny G

For years the tune, in all its seductive woodwind glory, has been a staple of Chinese society. Every day, “Going Home” is piped into shopping malls, schools, train stations and fitness centers as a signal to the public that it is time, indeed, to go home.

Röyksopp & Robyn - Sayit