Links For May 13, 2015

The Galaxy-Sized Video Game

Other video-game developers advised Murray not to release the trailer, fearing that it was too vague and unconventional, and for days he deliberated. But Murray is not short on self-assurance, and he believed that the footage evoked a near-universal childhood experience: gazing up at the stars and wondering what space might be like. He decided to fly to Los Angeles and present the trailer himself, on the air.

How Will Wright is turning your life into his next simulation

“Thred is really a story-telling platform for regular people,” Wright tells me during a recent interview Polygon’s New York offices. “I was really interested in how these devices know so much about us,” he adds holding up his iPhone. “In a more broader sense I got much more interested over the course of my career in games that connect you to reality,” he says. “Most of my games are reality simulations. We are at the point now that we have enough data to turn your life into a gaming platform.”

Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers

I decided to start a journey through the history of 2D gaming, documenting their challenges, approaches and how the evolution of their solutions. Also, since there’s a lack of proper terminology for the many different solutions, I started gathering and categorizing them into groups, providing my own glossary, if only for my personal reference.

Review: Cards Against Humanity

But yeah, sure, beyond the limits of this system, I (obviously) think Cards Against Humanity is a bad game because its content isn’t funny. It encourages you to make jokes about minorities, people of colour, people with disabilities, and at times I was looking at cards that made me think this was comedy from the 1920s. Does this game really think it’s edgy with its jokes about Mexicans, Mormons or Jews? It’s not just that this will offend people, it’s that it’s so damn old.

Mountains of Mouthness

An interactive experiment made in GOO CREATE featuring MONT-EIN and MONT-DEUX, two friendly mountains loudly reciting tweets from around the world. A visitor tweets using the @MoMouthness or #mouthness, the tweet is picked up and converted by a text-to-speech engine, then loudly recited by the mountains in realtime.