Links For May 12, 2015

tableflip dot club

We’re following in the footsteps of brave women who’ve flipped tables out of our way, clearing the path we’re now walking down. We’re talking. We’re organizing. We’re sharing our long memories of all the creeps who’ve hit on us and the cowards who’ve failed to promote us. We’re lawyering up. We’re incorporating and fundraising for our own companies, and angel investing in other women who are building amazing things. We’re ceasing to give any more fucks about your incompetently-run “Uber for cats” app or whatever the fuck your company does. 2015 is the year of the tableflip.

Why Women in Tech Need to Start Flipping Tables

Game of Fear: The Story Behind GamerGate

Over the past several months, Gjoni has been working on a sequel to “The Zoe Post.” When I spoke to him in February, he had created a quick-and-dirty follow-up, which he described as “a full unminced explanation of why” he wrote the original, perhaps packed with even more of Quinn’s private information, and God knows what else. He was worried that he’d get thrown in jail for violating the restraining order, and so had set the sequel, like a time bomb, “to auto-publish if I don’t disable it 24 hours after any court date.”

the theresa duncan cd-roms are now playable online

chop suey was released ahead of a significant boom in “games for girls” on cd-rom, beginning in earnest with the runaway success of barbie: fashion designer (1996). that success ushered in a flood of insipid copycat productions that focused on dress-up, shopping, and dating.... duncan and gesue’s game was “for girls” only in the broadest sense. still, it holds a crucial place in feminist gaming history; as game critic jenn frank wrote, “it dared to represent the criminally underrepresented: that is, the wild imagination of some girl aged 7 to 12.”

32 Feelings & Then Some: An Inquiry into the Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco

Outta Me, Onto You Hypothesis: Today’s media landscape boasts so many out, queer-identified famous people that we’re no longer resigned to projecting our queer dreams and aspirations upon a cis woman who has two babies with a cis man. To whom she is legally married. A husband-man. Her SECOND husband-man.

I Know this Bar Hypothesis: Based on preliminary ethnographic research (i.e. having attended an Ani show as recently as 2011), we can report that her concert-going fanbase is about 40% guitar dads and 60% nostalgic moms, leading us to the realization that these modern day parental units were once pimply-faced Ani fans just like us, which further led us to the realization that WE ARE NOW MOM-AGED. Maybe it’s all our fault—we’ve ushered Ani into a certain type of momzone, a vast wash of Facebook status updates and bootcut jeans. RIP us.

“Both Hands”

“Falling is Like This”