Links for May 11, 2017

From Virginia Woolf to George Sand: The Case for the 'Flâneuse'

For women, perhaps being in the city and walking is a form of extreme un-detachment, being emotionally bound up in everything that’s happening in your environment. I started discovering more and more women like Gellhorn, Marie Bashkirtseff for example, and feeling that a woman often uses the city as a testing ground, a place for her to prove her independence or help her break away from her family. The urban space was never neutral for women; it has always been charged.

Love & breadsticks: There was a knife fight at Olive Garden

I went on a date last night and the guy meekly shared that he used to be THE GENERAL MANAGER FOR THE TIMES SQUARE OLIVE GARDEN. Clearly, he’d seen some shit. So the next hour and a half was me asking questions. I tried to do y’all right.

Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich ; Video clip made with Machine Learning.