Links for May 11, 2016

The Shape of Things

The solution of how the physical and the digital should interact is not to bring them closer, but instead try make the relationship between the two clearer and then push the power of the service layer far beyond where it is at the moment. And I think when you actually look at the problems that confront people when they use IOT devices, you end up essentially defining the properties of what that service layer should be.

What we mean by service design

Government is the UK’s oldest and largest service provider - providing services is our main function. Just as if your business was making chairs, you’d hire a furniture designer - government needs service designers to design services.... Service design is the activity of working out which of these pieces need to fit together, asking how well they meet user needs, and rebuilding them from the ground up so that they do. It’s not complicated, but it is hard.

Live at the Necropolis: Lords of Synth