Links For May 9, 2015

Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn

In an experiment on third graders, students were divided into two groups. One group read through the problem twice. The other group acted out the story as they read it, physically pretending to feed fish to the hippos and alligators as they read the problem. Both groups of students were asked how many fish the zookeeper fed to the animals. “Kids who acted out the story did better on this problem,” Beilock said.... Because the acting kids had physically mimed giving each hippo seven fish before moving on, the difference was ingrained.

Here we are now, edutain us: Education and games with SpaceChem’s Zach Barth

They’re actually only available as part of the curriculum, currently. It’s sort of the disappointing part, because the world of schools is big and insane, and totally out of reach, so we don’t get a lot of feedback about how the games are being recieved.

Fun and Games With The World's Oldest Deck of Cards

Such is the case with the Cloisters Deck, the theme of which seems to be falconry. The four suites consist of hunting horns, dog collars, hound tethers, and game nooses, which stand in for the modern day hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades. However beyond these symbolic differences, the deck is remarkably similar to a pack of cards you might see on the tables of Vegas. Each suite still contains 13 cards, and the court cards are all recognizable as the King, Queen, and Jack (or Knave, in the case of the Cloisters Pack). For all intents and purposes, one could still use this deck to play a round of Hold ‘Em.

Lumipen 2: Robust Tracking for Dynamic Projection Mapping

In our laboratory, the Lumipen system has been proposed to solve the time-geometric inconsistency caused by the delay when using dynamic objects. It consists of a projector and a high-speed optical axis controller with high-speed vision and mirrors, called Saccade Mirror. Lumipen can provide projected images that are fixed on dynamic objects such as bouncing balls. However, the robustness of the tracking is sensitive to the simultaneous projection on the object, as well as the environmental lighting.