Links for May 4, 2016

How Lifetime Became One Of The Best Places In Hollywood For Women

“Lifetime pioneered so many genres that ended up taking over television,” Rob Sharenow, Lifetime’s current executive vice president and general manager, told me of these foundational series. “The medical drama, we had that 20 years ago. The female cop drama, we had that back when no one was programming cable dramas.” But Sharenow was also quick to note “an incredible unfair bias … about what Lifetime is,” overall. This bias “jaundices people’s view of what we do. There are certain projects that I think if you slapped someone else’s brand on it, the reception would have been completely different.”

All Primetime Series on Television – FX head John Landgraf recently declared this the era of “Peak TV,” and FX made a list of all 1,415 primetime series on the air to illustrate it.

A new view of the tree of life : Nature Microbiology – I have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s a cool graphic.

Our primary focus relates to the status of Bacteria and Archaea.... The placement of Eukarya relative to Bacteria and Archaea is controversial. Eukaryotes are believed to be evolutionary chimaeras that arose via endosymbiotic fusion, probably involving bacterial and archaeal cells. Here, we do not attempt to confidently resolve the placement of the Eukarya.

I installed Windows 95 on my Apple Watch