Links for May 2, 2016

The Future of Party Planning is Trespassing

Every Sextantworks project, whether it’s a paid commission or not, is evaluated based on a system the two developed called GLIT, which stands for Generosity, Location, Intimacy, and Transgression. Take Night Heron: Location, intimacy, and transgression are all more or less obvious. But it was the generosity component that made the illicit venue one of the hottest spots in New York. The first group of invited Night Heron guests got in for free but had the option of buying $80 pocket watches, each of which would grant two people access to the next speak-easy. The price eventually climbed to $300 based on demand. Even Ed Norton and Girls actor Adam Driver showed up. “We funded the entire project through sales of pocket watches,” Benedetto says.

Nifty Gloves Convert Sign Language Into Spoken Words

Their invention, the SignAloud, is a pair of sensor-filled gloves that interpret the hand movements American Sign Language users use to communicate, and converts them into speech or text that the rest of us can understand.

Historic card games described by David Parlett

These pages (Timeless classics and treasures now forgotten) present (a) histories of classic games such as Poker and Euchre and (b) details of historic games, such as Gleek and Quadrille, that are now only museum pieces.

Steven Universe ★ Music Selection by aivi & surasshu