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Jack Ramsay, Who Led Blazers to 1977 N.B.A. Title, Dies at 89

Jack Ramsay, the Hall of Fame coach who took the Portland Trail Blazers to their only N.B.A. championship and who was regarded as one of pro basketball’s keenest coaching minds, died on Monday in Naples, Fla. He was 89.

Dr. Jack Ramsay, father and friend

He was a basketball genius, a true innovator. He taught a team game. A pure form of basketball. Sharing and giving. With the right personnel, it was unbeatable. He pushed the very best to be even better: Billy Cunningham, Bob McAdoo, Bill Walton and Reggie Miller all learned from him how to elevate their games. Later, you’d see him talking with Tim Duncan, Kobe, KG and D-Wade. He was telling them how to be better players and teammates. They all listened, and they all got better.

Jack Ramsay's Legacy in Portland

Ramsay also left an enduring legacy to Portland fans. To this day Blazer fans tend to favor team basketball, hate lazy or soft players, and view one-dimensional, ball-hogging scorers with suspicion. Blazer fans get excited about role players, sometimes inordinately. Blazer fans applaud nearly as much for offensive rebounds, out-of-bounds saves, blue-collar plays, and hustle as they do for dunks. Throw-downs bring the crowd reaction you’d expect, but there’s a near-involuntary swelling among the faithful every time someone dives to the floor or makes a precision pass. Our cultural memory still rises in response to plays embedded in our DNA during the Ramsay/Championship era.

Tapping Into the Potential of Games and Uninhibited Play for Learning

All games facilitate some kind of learning. Even games that are not meant to be educational teach kids something — even if it’s just the rules of the game. The learning is so effective that it deserves our attention. Educational psychologists study it. Sociologists study it. Neuroscientists study it. They’re all trying to figure out what makes the great games work. In some cases, researchers are attempting to isolate and identify the attributes of video games that stimulate engagement and perseverance.

Kids Need More Structured Playtime, Not Less

There appears to be an assumption that recess is a delightful moment in our children’s day when they are free from their academic restraints to burn pent-up energy, to laugh, and to play. And it is for some, perhaps. But we suspect many of our students are challenged by the lack of structure, the social awkwardness, the conflict, the lack of equipment, and the absence of organized activities.

Explaining Gentrification: We're Too Focused on the Real Estate Market

Distilling the gentrification problem further, what is the disparity between a CSA’s global labor market and its local labor market? Regardless of zoning, a neighborhood with residents working a global job will displace those working a local job. A massive increase in housing supply in response assumes status quo migration patterns. It also assumes status quo macroeconomic conditions.

There’s hidden beauty in abandoned World Of Warcraft cities

These cities boomed while players were rushing to build new characters from the fresh races, but the crowds soon moved on, traveling far from their people’s homes. On the whole, they didn’t come back. These are perfectly preserved digital spaces, so unlike Detroit, they show no physical symptoms of their abandonment. But they are spaces designed for hundreds where it’s possible to wander the streets without seeing a single other player. Computer-controlled characters will still cheerily train you in a new skill or peruse your wares, but the cities still feel desolate.

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