Links for March 28, 2016

Avoiding the Cops and Running a Speakeasy in San Francisco Bay

Trepidation aside, Ashton-Gonzalez knew he’d found the spot for his own San Francisco underground party. He spent about four months getting over to (and in) the tower, ripping out the moldy carpet, rebuilding the bar. He tarred the roof during San Francisco’s Fleet Week, when he correctly assumed that the Coast Guard would be a little busy. F18s flew overhead as he and members of San Francisco’s longstanding avant garde artist community worked in the sun. They also helped him drag two pianos up the dark, dusty staircase.

BART’s Righteous Tweetstorm Reminds Us Its Problems Are Our Fault

The sentiment behind BART’s bout of self-defense, however, is both valid and important. Sure, the system’s a mess. But the public should realize that’s a result of the choices all Bay Area residents have made. “Mass public transit is an ongoing series of choices,” Amin says. “They’re political and public choices that we all have to make and own.”

ink – Inkle open-sources the scripting engine behind 80 Days.

Julie Rubicon – ghost stories for a modern time.