Links For March 28, 2015

Manifesto for the Clever City

The Smart City is a top-down all or nothing proposition. We can start building the Clever City bottom-up with one lamppost, bus stop or parking space (and of course one problem). Maybe one day we will join up all the individual Clever City services and will have a Smart City. Maybe we never will, but the Clever City can make a real difference to people’s lives right now.

YouTube just put the final nail in the Loudness War’s coffin

It means that YouTube have been using loudness normalisation on their music videos – and they’ve been doing it since December last year. Everything plays at a similar loudness, regardless of how it was mastered. And no-one has noticed.

Kill Your TV: How Bay Area Video Art Exploded in the 1970s

Until the late 1960s, television equipment had been expensive and cumbersome, the exclusive domain of big media. In the 1970s, Bay Area video artists and activist laid claim to what they saw as an instrument of mass-media control, turning video into a tool for self-expression and liberation and making San Francisco a center of media art experimentation.

Lighten Up

I’m always sensitive about bringing up this sort of thing in work environments. The mere mention of race puts white people on edge, and that puts everybody else on edge. It’s not a game of pin the tail on the racist, it’s simply a matter of social literacy. In this case, being aware of how “race” as an idea is ridiculous but still informs how we behave.

Charli XCX - Famous – Never forget: old people are horrifying!