Links for March 25, 2018

The Overwhelming Emotion of Hearing Toto’s “Africa” Remixed to Sound Like It’s Playing in an Empty Mall

In my 3 a.m. mood, the YouTube edit, uploaded by a user named Cecil Robert, was almost too affecting to bear; it sounded like longing and consolation together, extended into emptiness, a shot of warmth coming out of a void.... Hearing a song you love when it’s playing from elsewhere is a reassuring, isolating experience: you feel solitary and cared for at the same time.

Invisible Music of Copenhagen

“And at some point, the King lifts his hat… a guy would be standing behind the door, looking through a peephole, and then a servant would run full speed down through the castle and into the basement, and give the signal to the musicians, who were in the basement beneath the room, and they would play. And it was pure magic. The sound would come up through sound channels, placed in each corner of the room. This room is covered in paintings and wood, so it’s like a soundbox in itself.”

This Look Inside Spike Jonze’s Apple Ad Is as Fascinating as the Film Itself

“On beat to the song, boom, and then it goes boom, then right here locks, this mechanism shoots there, traps the tire, and it moves the entire set completely to this location, and then from there, it runs this way, and then it runs that way.”

HomePod — Welcome Home by Spike Jonze — Apple – starring FKA Twigs, music by Anderson .Paak