Links For March 23, 2015

Dieter Rams: If I Could Do It Again, “I Would Not Want To Be A Designer”

What I am especially bothered by today is that, particularly in the media, design is being used as a ‘lifestyle asset.’ I’m bothered by the arbitrariness and the thoughtlessness with which many things are produced and brought to the market. There are so many unnecessary things we produce, not only in the sector of consumer goods, but also in architecture, in advertising. We have too many unnecessary things everywhere. And I would even go as far as to describe this as inhumane. That is the situation today.

Our Favorite Typefaces of 2014

The independence of type designers themselves is increasingly evident. Small foundries have existed since the dawn of digital fonts, but now they are the norm. Only a handful of the selections in this year’s list were published by companies with more than ten employees.... Meanwhile, while manufacturing splinters into myriad little studios, the tide of the major retail market is moving in the opposite direction.

User Onboarding | A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences

Want to see how popular web apps handle their signup experiences? Here’s every one I’ve ever reviewed, in one handy list.

Conscious Style Guide

A simple and accessible community resource for anyone curious or serious about conscious language. In one place, you can access style guides covering terminology for various communities and find links to key articles debating usage.