GDC Linkdump 2016

(This is pretty much just the Alt.Ctrl.GDC lineup, plus a couple of other random things I saw.)

Hello, Operator! (Mike Lazer Walker) – Play on a vintage telephone switchboard. (See also notes on the game’s construction.)

Please Stand By (Jerry Belich and Victor Thompson) – Play on a vintage TV set.

Fabulous Beasts (Sensible Object) – Play with a stack of irregular blocks. (I’ve probably linked this before.)

Threadsteading (Gillian Smith, April Grow, Chenxi Liu, Lea Albaugh, Jen Mankoff, and Jim McCann) – Play with a reprogrammed embroidering machine.

Petitwo (Steph Caskenette) – Play on a spinning zoetrope.

Planet Licker (Azuria Sky, Frank DeMarco, Otis Denner-Kenny and Mouth Arcade) – Play by licking popsicles!

Rotator (Robin Baumgarten and Petri Autio) – Play on a series of force-feedback rotating wheels.

Crank Tank (Henry Lam, Andrew Genualdi, Jaeseong Yi) – Play with huge wooden cranks.

Octobo (Yuting Su) – Play with a plush octopus toy and a storybook.

Ziff (Alejandra Molina) – Play with a reconfigurable toy. (This one reminds me of ExciteBots for some reason.)

Disc Jockey Jockey (Tim Knowlton) – Play on a mixing board.

The Von Neumann Personality Test (Matthew Hudgins) – Play on a phone voice mail tree.

Dobotone (Videogamo) – Play on a console that lets you mess with the game’s parameters.

UnlimitedHand – armband controller that uses electrical impulses for feedback.

Wiz – Flexible reconfigurable motion controller.

Mini Metro – In addition to being an IGF nominee, this was a good game to play over the weekend as I recovered from a full week of GDCification.