Links for March 19, 2016

The Propaganda of Pantone: Colour and Subcultural Sublimation

“Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” (hereafter abbreviated as RQ+S) present a far more nefarious situation.... The tonal pink and blue palette has been growing exponentially in popularity online since the emergence (circa 2010-11), purported death (circa 2012), and expanding influence of the micro-cultures of Seapunk, and its successor, Vaporwave, as part of a more broadly defined subculture of internet-fuelled art employing what can be described as a Tumblr aesthetic.... Pantone’s conceptual framing of RQ+S is disingenuous at best, and once one digs a little deeper, can be seen to represent a clearly reactionary political force.

The Major Problem Everyone’s Missing in the Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift Feud

Both women have a point, but both women are somewhat missing the point, and, as a result, removing Kesha from her own narrative. This shouldn’t be about how to be the Best Feminist Ever™, a fight that no one will ever win. The real question is how do you build a feminist community that engages and encourages women when the system is set up to keep them totally disenfranchised? The real question here is: Why isn’t Demi Lovato calling out any men?

What To Do When Someone Is Having A Mental Health Crisis On The Street

SXSW Panels Poem 2016

Present Tense: The First Now-Centric Civilization, Fighting Injustice with Trickle-Up Innovation, Disrupting Entrepreneurial Leadership Education, Rides, Drives and Hyperloops: The New Transportation.