Links For March 17, 2015

The radical games event where the next speaker is you

After an hour and a half, however, the organizers run into a problem: they’ve run out of talks, and no one else is signing up. Brice worries that the event might be winding down early. “Doesn’t anyone want to talk?” she wonders. But when the organizers directly ask the audience for more volunteers—and encourage them to speak—something changes. A few hesitant hands go up, a few more brave souls step forward. Each impromptu speaker seems to embolden the crowd a little more, and then the floodgates open. As minutes turn into hours, more and more people keep jumping to their feet, as though the wave of enthusiasm has magnetized their ideas and pulled them to the front of the room.

Fabulous Beasts

Fabulous Beasts is a physical / digital hybrid game for 2 players. The physical element is a co-operative stacking game – players take it in turns to add objects to a tower. The tower rests on a sensing platform which drives the digital element – a creation game.

21 Games

This is game number one. To play, make up 21 games. Explain the rules to all of them in five minutes.

Speaking in Code

While these early works primarily used the computer to generate static texts, often for output to film or paper, later poets used the computer to generate dynamic compositions. In the 1980s, poet Barrie Phillip Nichol, more commonly known by his lower case initials bp, experimented with an Apple IIe 8-bit home computer and the Applesoft BASIC programming language.

[BRDG020] Lilium