Links For March 16, 2015

Play and Hands-On Fun… In a Hospital?

For the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, the Exploratorium is designing experiences as small as lap-sized mobile exhibits for patient rooms and as large as a 27-foot long lobby display. In patient rooms, kids will have the opportunity to draw, play with light, or make stop motion animations with the mobile exhibits. Kids will even be able to share their animations with friends and family, keeping them connected to the world beyond the hospital. Each mobile exhibit will be easy to use, but will also offer longer explorations for varying levels of engagement.

Leveling up the barcade: A visit to Chicago’s Pac-Man themed Level 257

The ambience and decor were nice and eclectic. This is a distant, upscale cousin to Dave and Buster’s with superior food, more bowling lanes, and absolutely no Skee-Ball. The space is very open and nicely decorated with high ceilings showing off the ductwork and little homages to Pac-Man scattered throughout. The wall near us was decorated with a variety of bowling bags and shoes, but a display case dividing the dining area from the arcade games is filled with all manner of old Pac-Man merchandise.

What’s Driving America’s Escape Room Craze?

The biggest challenge is scalability. The number of guests that can participate is limited, and it’s an experience that takes longer to cycle through than your average theme park attraction. Escape rooms can only reach a small group of patrons total throughout the day. Still, its highly interactive nature offers guests the kind of experience that they’re increasingly demanding – so we may see modified versions of escape rooms appearing at parks in the near future on a more permanent basis.

Take a Child Outside Activities

Does playing baseball or soccer outside count as “taking a child outside?”

Generally playing organized sports outside does not “count” towards taking a child outside, because the focus is the game, and not the outdoors. Some sports, such as fishing, would “count” because in order to be successful at fishing you have to focus on the natural world.

Walk San Francisco

Walk San Francisco is San Francisco’s pedestrian advocacy organization.Walk SF and its members are making San Francisco a more livable, walkable city and reclaiming streets as safe, shared public space for everyone to enjoy. Join us!


Created by DDB Paris for the « Maison de la Radio », Sound Fighter is a new way to play to Street Fighter. For the first time in the world, you don’t need controllers but two pianos.

Pianette / « Sound Fighter » A Musical and Retro-gaming installation

We seamlessly transformed two classical upright pianos into Playstation 2 controllers using custom analog piezo triggers, Raspberry Pi B+ and Arduino Unos and created a specific Python3 firmware to map a classical playing style onto the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Gameplay including combos and the like.