Links For March 14, 2014

Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

When Owen was 3, his comprehension of spoken words collapsed. That’s clear from every test. But now it seems that as he watched each Disney movie again and again, he was collecting and logging sounds and rhythms, multitrack. Speech, of course, has its own subtle musicality; most of us, focusing on the words and their meanings, don’t hear it. But that’s all he heard for years, words as intonation and cadence, their meanings inscrutable.... These are stored sounds we can now help him contextualize, with jumping, twirling, sweating, joyous expression, as we just managed with “The Jungle Book.”

Web at 25: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Invention of the Web

Today, and throughout this year, we should celebrate the Web’s first 25 years. But though the mood is upbeat, we also know we are not done. We have much to do for the Web to reach its full potential. We must continue to defend its core principles and tackle some key challenges.

The Institute for Aesthletics

Sport is already a form of culture, yet it is often separated from the rest of the arts because of its emphasis on competition. Aesthletics is the combination of the most engaging aspects of the arts and sport: an open minded, creative, experimental, and competitive physical culture. The Institute invents new sports, creates sport performances, and promotes and teaches sport as art.

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