Links for March 10, 2017

Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber

Myself and a few of the women who had reported him in the past decided to all schedule meetings with HR to insist that something be done. In my meeting, the rep I spoke with told me that he had never been reported before, he had only ever committed one offense (in his chats with me), and that none of the other women who they met with had anything bad to say about him, so no further action could or would be taken. It was such a blatant lie that there was really nothing I could do. There was nothing any of us could do. We all gave up on Uber HR and our managers after that. Eventually he “left” the company. I don’t know what he did that finally convinced them to fire him.

Nike’s sports hijab launch highlights the lack of foresight at big brands

Like ASIYA, other startups like Veil and Oola have been catering to fitness-inclined Muslim women for a while, said Rachel Krautkremer, the director of insights and strategy at Cassandra. But, despite this, it’s still a fairly untapped market. “I’m surprised it’s taken Nike this long,” she said.

How Harris Tweed Gets Made