Links For March 8, 2014

This ‘urban vibrancy’ is really social cleansing

Now there’s not even the pretence that new housing is for the poor. Or that the government, having zipped every local authority into gimp suits, gives a flying toss what they think about anything. Social cleansing is under way in our major cities, and the poor are being systematically criminalised by that compassionate Conservative and enemy of the food banks, Iain Duncan Smith. What a monstrous creature he is. Austere, friendless, nasty. Our very own Montgomery Burns. I imagine him in his office, a grandfather clock ticking in the corner, a needlepoint motto on the wall: Poverty is Theft.

Bay Bridge lights, Act 2: Sculpture to shine on

29-Sunset to Get Muni-Only Left-Turn Lane at Lincoln and 19th Ave – This should be… interesting.

They Never Went to the Moon, notes by Gavin Rothery, designer on Moon.

Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation, Matt Pharr and Greg Humphreys. An Academy award-winning(?!) book that’s also a full implementation in Literate Programming form.

World’s oldest cheese found on Chinese mummy