Links For March 4, 2014

Chrome experiment - WebSID – A C64 SID emulator in JavaScript. Fun!

Project Tango is a project by Google that involves a phone with sensors that allow it to map 3D space around you in near realtime. Creative Applications has a nice rundown of the specs and potential applications.

Phoenix Side With Lawrence Lessig On “Lisztomania” Fair Use Lawsuit – When you send your robot lawyers out to harass YouTube users with cease and desist warnings, you probably want to instruct them not to cross Lawrence Lessig.

Iconoclastic Musician Takes Measure Of His Life: ‘I Became A Fighter’

“You push the Hulk too far, you know, the Hulk would become this raging behemoth that would just smash everything this way, and that’s how I saw myself fighting the system,” Ho says about the photos. It’s mid-morning on a Friday, but already he seems tired, speaking slowly, lying on his couch with a catheter tucked underneath the elastic waistband of his pants.... Fred says there’s a stereotype that Asian American men aren’t strong — or sexy — and he’s trying to help break that.

St. George and the Pterodactyl

In this drawing, we see the famous knight engaged in a ferocious battle with a pterodactyl – the flying dinosaur that was discovered earlier in the century. It was a specimen that Waterhouse Hawkins, a self-taught paleontological illustrator, knew well. Like much of Waterhouse Hawkins’s work, the drawing is challenging, fantastical, somewhat bizarre, and completely unexpected. Hawkins’s Pterodactyl offers a window into the rapidly-changing world of Victorian natural history.

“Transformers / Transforming Deluxe” – 10 minutes of transformations from the Bay movies.