Links for June 30, 2018

A Modern Prometheus – Processing Foundation

This experience kindled the ambition to start Processing. We started by extending DBN to include color and other features, but soon realized that these limitations were the essence of that platform and it shouldn’t be expanded. We wanted to make a system that was as easy to use as Design By Numbers, but with a bridge to making more ambitious work. We wanted to allow people to work in color, at large sizes, to create 3D graphics, and more. Simple Processing sketches are almost as simple as DBN sketches, but Processing scales up — it has a “low floor” and a “high ceiling.” The ceiling is more similar to the C++ programs we used to write with ACU partly because the rest of the Java programming language and its libraries were available.

Truly Interactive Game Design at This Physical Arcade in Hong Kong

When you think of playing non-digital games with friends, you probably imagine a board game or one of those mystery rooms. But the folks behind HK Best Box offer an alternative: Interactive team-based games that very creatively require your physical exertion.

The Statue Experiment