Links For June 26, 2015

54 Cities

54 Cities is a deck of cards – and also a set of walks around Kensington and Chelsea. Each suit in the deck (Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds) matches up with a route.

A Journey Into Lexica, Amplify’s Language Arts Adventure

Master Swords: A neat little RPG where the power of your attack depends on the point value of words you create from letter tiles (think Scrabble). Amazingly, the game takes the word you create and turns it into a battlecry. I created the word LOX, and my character attacked a Greasy Gramlin while shouting, “I’ll devour you like a bagel topped with delicious LOX!” Seriously impressive and quite fun as well. I kept playing just to see what sentences the game would make from my words.

Crafting a Design Persona

Unlike a user persona, which characterizes your users’ goals, motivations, and desires, a design persona characterizes how your product should communicate and ultimately build rapport with your users. Both are articulated in terms of a fictional character, but they are used to solve different design problems. A user persona helps you understand your users’ existing relationship to your product, whereas a design persona helps you understand how your product can build a relationship with your users.

How to design a metaphor

Metaphor designers create these pseudo-mistakes deliberately.... Sometimes they’re useful for helping people conceive of solutions to problems, or for internal communications in organisations. The challenge for the designer is to generate lots of pseudo-mistakes, some of which can be used for thinking and that have the power to stick around.

(Is metaphor-as-mistake a metametaphor?)

Why do buses bunch?

Bus bunching happens because, if a bus gets delayed, then there will be more people waiting at the next stop than anticipated. The extra passengers’ boarding time makes the bus even later, and so on in a vicious cycle.

Tumblr TV – Just watch GIFs forever.

MOVEment: Chalayan x AyaBambi and Ryan Heffington