Links for June 24, 2017

How We Animated Trillions of Tons of Flowing Ice / Miles of Ice Collapsing Into the Sea

After kicking around a few other ideas I vaguely remembered having seen an example online of color cycling, an old method for efficiently animating scenes in 8-bit games by shifting color palettes. The useful takeaway of that technique is that a static image can encode apparent motion if you change how its colors are represented… We wrote a program for the GPU (a shader) that efficiently shifts how colors in an input image are displayed over time. When the program first loads, images are drawn to the screen normally: white pixels are white, light gray pixels are light gray, and so on. But as time goes by, the program offsets the colors it uses to draw the input image: white pixels are drawn as light gray, then dark gray, then black.

Calcula by Shiva Nallaperumal

The remarkable typefaces Tal showed me are demanding to execute because the normal drawing, spacing, kerning et al. are only part of the process. Although they aren’t the most text-friendly or ‘functional’, they challenge their users and invite further enquiry. We studied them to find a way to achieve what we wanted to do with Calcula, i.e. to create a consistent, fixed-width space between letterforms. Each letter would need to adapt to the preceding and following letters in order to fit them over or under itself.

‘Breathtaking’ Is One Word for Purported Arnell Pepsi Doc – no pullquote from the doc (PDF), since it’s so amazingly, transcendently devoid of content.